University of Algarve

University Colleges and Facilities
(Algarve, Portugal)

The university is organised into several faculties and schools, depending on the university and polytechnic system structure. There are five faculties under the university system and four schools under the polytechnic system.

University System Schools

The polytechnic system of the University of Algarve is composed of four schools. These schools are the Schools of Education, Technology, Tourism and Hotel Management, and Nursing of Faro. These schools offer bachelor degrees that are studied in approximately three years. These can then be followed up with licenciaturas finished in around two years.

Polytechnic System Schools

The university system of the University of Algarve is composed of five faculties. These faculties are the Faculties of Engineering of Natural Resources, Economics, Marine Sciences and Environment, Sciences and Technology, and Social and Human Sciences. These faculties offer four-year courses called licenciaturas, and may be coupled with two-year Masters and PhD degrees.

Algarve University

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